Friday, April 2, 2010

Moss from the park

Once the moss was ripped up from our walkway, I knew I wanted to replace it. Fortunately, I have seen a bunch on the various walks I go on on which I go with the Mr. and Lily.

Here I am, carrying it in the car ride back from the park. I had to sort of slouch so that my stomach could support the high pile and keep it from tipping over.
And here I am, getting ready to transplant it to our yard.
The Mr. helped because my hands were kinda full.

Basically, we just took the pieces that we had pulled up from the park, and laid them down in the empty spots along our walkway.
What I really like, is that there is a very clear difference between (what I think is) Irish Moss, and the more rustic "Forest Moss" (that is what I am calling it, anyway).
Here is the Irish Moss:
Here is the "Forest Moss":
Once I filled in as many spots as I could, I watered very well.

Then I went back over and softly stepped on the chunks to "adhere" them to the ground with mud.
Here's the sacrifice I endured for this project. Nothing a little detergent can't handle:

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