Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I hate ivy.

Here, here, and here talk about how incredibly invasive ivy is.

I should love it, because it was such a pinnacle part of my college experience. But this plant spreads far beyond where it was ever meant to spread when it was planted. If you live on the other side of a fence where it was planted, it will often crawl up one side and down the other into your yard. Seriously, like Jumanji.

Here's ivy before I annihilated it from our yard.

Here it is after.

This is very, very destructive to a building (below).
via here

The reason this is destructive, where, for example, clematis is not, is because ivy has roots the cling to buildings, fences, etc., whereas clematis' stems actually curl around that which it is climbing on, without harming it.